premam movie bangla subtitle

premam movie bangla subtitle

premam movie bangla subtitle for you. This subtitle translated by Raifa.

Summaries:George David (Nivin Pauly) is pre-degree student. He is in love with girl named Mary (Anupama Parameswaran) George is aided in his love by his friends Koya (Krishna Shankar) and Shambu (Shabareesh Varma). He follows Mary and her younger sister Celine (Eva Prakash) everyday but fails to propose to Mary. Finally, he decides to propose to her one day, but he then realizes that Mary is already in love with another guy. George is then left heartbroken and begins to be an antisocial. Three years later, George and his friends are shown as senior year bachelor students who wrecks havoc in college. While ragging newcomers, George meets Malar (Sai Pallavi), a new teacher in their college who is a Tamilian. He instantly falls in love with her. Through a continuum of events, Slightly sociopathic George and his friends becomes friends with the outgoing & lively Malar. This friendship paves roads to George’s infatuation and love. Malar and George frolic’s as butterflies in the boundaries of a teacher-student relationship and develops a silent casual love. One day, after college annual day functions, Malar goes to visit her home with her cousin. Later George hears the news that Malar and her cousin met with an accident and in the shock she lost her memory. In a haste, George with his friends goes to visit her, at her home but is left heartbroken when she doesn’t recognize him. Eventually, Malar marries her cousin. A few years later, George is now an adult and runs a cafe with his old friend Jojo (Wilson Joseph). One day, a girl (Madonna Sebastian) comes to their shop for buying a birthday cake. She later reveals to George that she is Celine, Mary’s little companion during school days. A despondent George feels hope and gets confused with the friendliness between them as a spark and decides to propose her, despite the age difference. But he is once again left heartbroken when she reveals that she is engaged to a guy named Roney (Alphonse Putharen). But their engagement is called off when Roney continuously insults Celine after heavy substance abuse. George who is already in an irritable mood goes out with his friends to Roney’s place and beat him up for insulting her. Later, George marries Celine. During their wedding reception, they are visited by Malar and her husband. She shows signs of regained memory. But she does not reveal it to George as he is happy with Celine.

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